A guy has stared at me for the 3 years I've been in college. What could this mean? plz help it's confusing.?

So basically I thought this guy was cute at first and I caught him looking at me a lot, but he never smiled. It's been years. He never tried to talk to me or show any sign that this staring might mean that he's into me. So being a confused girl at the time I stopped taking glances at him. 

Idk if this made something change, but one of my friends pointed out that she had noticed him looking at me multiple times. His stare has always been serious and I can't tell if theres lust or attraction or what in his eyes. 

We have a class together this semester, he sits one seat away from me and he basically ignores my existence. I talk to the girl that sits in between us who is one of his friends, and had initially hoped he would join conversation at some point so maybe I could try and meet him. That never happened. 

If we are in public space at the same time he will usually get up and walk in front of me to get water or something, but he does it a suspicious amount of times. I've noticed that he talks louder when he sees I'm in a room with him. 

My friend has noticed these things as well and has tried to talk me into believing they must mean something. She's even mentioned that sometimes something feels off about it, but I feel like she's blowing it out of proportion. 

What do you guys think?

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