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What causes engine failure?

On a small bombardier flight my planes engine shut off while I was on the engine seat coincedently, the other one as well which caused a drop in the altitude which caused me to feel dizzy. The plane glided through the air but it didn't occur to me that it happened after some years . I'm not sure, it was a rough landing but it seemed normal. No one cared.

Thanks for answers. 

I was 22 then and didn't expect that. 

My family is Tamil from Sri Lanka and don't know much about flights or aviation. 


Inside Canada some sights have a double location but both are the same, the other one is located off a map. In the flight the CN tower looked like a Lego piece, no one was in it. 

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    I don’t know sorry

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    Almost certainly the engine didn't fail.  When the aircraft nears its destination, the pilots reduce power to establish a  descent to the airport.  Perfectly normal.

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      Amazing interpretation of some severely bad English skills 

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  • Anonymous
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    Highly doubt your story.  A twin engine failure is rare but all it means is a crashed aircraft.  The other engine did not fail or the pilots were able to restart one engine and flew the plane to the nearest airport.

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      Oh it was towards the skyline of the us Canada border on the water. I must remember it wrong. 

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