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Do you think he's being sincere now?

I get bullied by my classmates and i was really feeling low so i spoke to my friends Noah and Jerry.

Then Noah said in spite of how i look and in spite of how much people make fun of me i still want to sing on stage and he admires that.It sounded like he called me ugly.It hurt me and freaked me out.I think I'm good looking but i do care about what others think and i dont know for sure how others percieve my appearance.If others thought i was ugly it would shatter my world.

So a few months later i confronted him and asked him what he meant that day.Then he told me that he doesn't remember saying that.Then i told that i remember very well so does Jerry who was present at that time.Then he told me that what he meant was "in spite of how timid i look".....and he doesn't think I'm ugly and neither did he call me ugly that day and i totally misunderstood his statement.

Though i dont think he is being sincere.I do still think that he did call me ugly that day.

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    I can see why you thought that. The way he worded it did seem like he was calling you ugly. I think you should just let it go and continue to keep calling yourself good looking :)

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  • patty
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    1 month ago

    one reason people pick on others is if they are a bit different

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