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Which MBTI type is the most childish?

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  • 1 month ago

    I would have to disagree I definitely think ESFP’s are very childlike, because I am an ESFP. I tend to open up to Anybody all the time because I genuinely just believe everybody is good and even when people do wrong I still find myself trying to find the good. I always just think everybody has the same heart as me which honestly gets me into trouble a lot. 

     I am also an extreme feeler, I cry, scream, yell. I’m very expressive with my emotions. 

    Us ESFP’s honestly just love to laugh. I love laughing and find so much joy in making others smile and laugh. 

    I could never imagine intentionally hurting anything or anybody. 

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  • 1 month ago

    INTP which is my MBTI. We are childlike because we’re nerdy.  I am an INTP and I like dolls like bylythe, polly pocket, vintage Lisa Frank. Things of that nature! We are the most lazy MBTI which makes us the least adult like personality type.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    INFPs definitely have childlike personalities, and have a way of keeping this innocence with them throughout life. Their strong sense of morals and desire to do what is right, is actually a big reason that INFP can maintain their more childlike qualities. Instead of allowing the world to alter their perception and beliefs, INFPs hold true to what they know is right. This is a wonderful quality to possess, and is something most people lose as they merge into adulthood. Instead of letting themselves become lost in the many opinions of the world, INFPs know who they are and will not budge on this. 

    ENFPs are often extremely childlike, even as they grow older and become adults. This quality is a big part of the ENFPs charm and appeal, and makes them positive and fun people to be around. They know how to lighten the mood, and will use their childlike imagination to bring joy to others. ENFPs never lose than vivid and beautiful imagination, which makes them creative and extraordinary people. ENFPs can also have a childlike sense of humor, once that can be a bit infectious. They are perfectly capable of being mature when the moment requires it, they just have a sense of playfulness that keeps the ENFP young at heart.

    ENTPs have a childlike side to their personalities though, which they are somehow capable of maintaining even with their sense of realism. They are not naïve people, but they are playful and enjoy being able to enjoy themselves without feeling guilty. ENTPs are very good at pushing the buttons of other people, which is a big part of the childlike side of their personality. They simply enjoy understanding and learning about other people and the world around them, and this curiosity is definitely something that stems from a childlike imagination.

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