Why is everything extra amusing too me?

I'm not complaining because I like the feeling but there would be small moments where everything amuses me more than usual, especially while watching tv. Its as if I'm on drugs or something (all though I don't really know how that feels). It's a really good feeling, but why does it happen. I have psychomotor seizures if that helps answer the question.

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  • Andy C
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    1 month ago
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    Are the psychomotor seizures due to an anxiety disorder?

    I'm betting not. Do you have a dopamine deficiency and are taking SDRIs?

    What you likely have is a very active set of endogenous cannabinoids and it is perfectly natural...that you really are high, all the time.

    THC is an agonist (think poser) for these chemicals and if I'm correct, a very small amount of pot would overwhelm the brain and cause hallucination, time loss/gain, nausea and vomiting.

    These endocannabinoids make you better equipped than 90% of the population at dealing with anxieties (at least, at the chemical end. Nurture also plays a role, often major.)

    Andomide is one of the ECs and that seems fitting as I have this, too and my name is Andy;)

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