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Good Podcast Names/How to make RSS Feed fro iTunes, etc. for free?

I have 3 podcast ideas. The first is a movie review show with me and my sister, and I thought about calling it "Sibling Rivalry", but Channel Awesome took that name. The other 2 are another movie review podcast with me and my girlfriend called "Couple's Therapy" where we both discuss a movie or show we both watched for the first time. The 3rd is called "I Can't Believe You Haven't Seen That!" which is me and my girlfriend eahc reviewing a movie or show the other person has not seen, and we alternate weeks. (i.e. Week 1 would be me reviewing "Firefly" as a first time watcher, with her already having seen it, week 2 would be her reviewing "iZombie" as a first time watcher with me already having seen it.)

Are these good names, or do you have other ideas?

And how to make an RSS Feed for iTunes, Spotify, etc. for free? These are also going to be on Youtube, but I want as wide a range of services/listeners as possible.

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  • chorle
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    2 months ago

    You could do it as one podcast then have show categories like how Geek Radio Daily had their More Daily than the Daily Show shows, their sometimes weekly SWeekly Shows, sometimes CONvention interview shows, what's streaming this month shows, and their guest movie review The Cinemistress movie review shows. 

    Are you listening to any about how to podcasts shows like Audacity to Podcast which I mainly know about because I listened to Daniel's first podcast and follow him on Facebook and Twitter. It does give advice on podcasting in general as well as how to use Audacity there are also ones about using Garage Band or Reaper.

    It is pretty hard to find a good name that has a matching twitter handle much less one that doesn't show up as already being a podcast 

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