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Piano teachers: How would you deal with this person? Amy advice please.?

I ve had this particular student for over an year.

She's divorced woman aged 50+ living with her youngest son.

The very first lesson day (trial), the first comment she made at the entrance was "this house is quite small, eh?" Before starting lessons, she told me about her sad childhood and how much she wanted to take music lessons .

I try to consider that she's being only 'friendly' or everything is her nature.. but I don't like her yawning so obviously during the lesson, Although she says "sorry I'm tired.." that happpens EVERYTIME which is considered very rude thing in my back country... (Asia) Once she even asked for a glass of water facing to music sheet, not to me.

Today when she did big yawning, I said "I see you yawning whenever you're here.." then she turned to me, "what time did you get up?" "after 9 (I stay up late)" She proudly said "I get up 7 every day. that;s why I'm tired (after work full time)"

I got a bit offended.

She texted me later, "you looked a bit upset today. Are U ok?"

I don't know how to deal with this type of woman.. I'm not her friend but she's being over familiar to me.


At first meeting, she starting sobbing when she talked about her 'sad childhood'

She is very emotional, energetic, sensitive, but not having manners....

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