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Donating hair, need styling help!!?

My cousin is donating 2ft of hair and nervous on how she looks so she asked my opinion on what kind of haircut to get. She just got a bf who likes long hair so i guess its understandable. She is a dirty blonde and has a looot of hair but the strands are thin so it's not a lot of volume. She doesn't style it at all(doesn't even own a blow dryer) so something suuuper low maintenance would be gr8. shes got an oval face w/ a strong jawline and a prominent nose. Shes donated before but she didn't really care what it looked like at the time. she's not getting a pixie cut or anything, the shortest she'll go is her jawline and the longest her shoulder. I included pics that I edited. Pls send me pics or something I can google thx!

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