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Is factory settings safe to do ?

I need to reset my phone because my storage is half way full. This popped up when I tried to do it. I'm not worried about my numbers I got those written down and my apps and photos I can get back. I got half my photos saved on Facebook. What does this all mean ? Is it really safe to do this ?

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    The phone is just warning you that if you do the reset it will delete anything you have added to the phone since you purchased.  Any pictures, emails, contacts, programs you have installed, etc. will be deleted and it will go back to being like it was on the day you first got it.

    This is the maker of the phones way of making sure that you know that everything you have added will be deleted so that you can not come back after you have done this and sue them because you lost pictures or other data.

    If you have copies of everything you want from the phone then it is safe to do this.

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  • 1 month ago

    There's no need for that.

    Why not just download most of what's on there and be done with it?

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