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How do you tell if you booked one airline ticket?

Wondering how to tell if I have one airline ticket or two separate ones

I booked through a 3rd party service, flying with two separate airlines (that are still partners). If it’s a single ticket, I know I won’t have to recheck in at my connecting flight location. If it’s separate tickets, I have been told I will need to.

How do I tell whether or not I have one ticket or two?

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    You should have gotten one or two confirmation numbers for the airlines.  Plug one of them into the appropriate airline's website.  If both flights on both airlines show up, then you should be good to go.  

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  • 1 month ago

    It does not matter how to tell that you have one or two air tickets.

    What actually matters is that you show all tickets to your final destination when you check-in at the departure airport. Then simply ask the staff whether they may check-in all of them, especially with regards to your checked luggage.

    If the airlines that operate your flights are members of the same Airlines Alliance (or have bilateral agreements), the staff will be mostly able to deal with both tickets at the departure airport. 

    If you bought both tickets in one deal, the check-in desk usually knows that you have two tickets. So they would mostly request you to show the second leg of your tickets if you show only the first one.

    If the operating airlines are not members of the same Alliance (and do not have bilateral agreements), it is impossible to check-in all tickets to your final destination at your departure airport. This may happens for instance when you bought them from a low-quality 3rd party site (it has just showed the cheapest options of each leg regardless that they are incompatible.)

    Of course, a full check-in at the departure airport is also impossible if the second flight does not depart from the arrival airport of the first leg.

    World travel directory:


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  • 1 month ago

    It's not only whether the flights were booked separately. The airlines have to have an agreement with each other that allows them to transfer the baggage from one airline to the other. I got caught on this once- I was told I had to claim my baggage after the first flight and re-check it with the second airline because the two airlines had no agreement. If you tell us what airlines you're on, we might be able to help from our experience. Otherwise, you need to call the first airline that you're booked on.

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  • 1 month ago

    If you booked 3rd party on 2 different airlines, it is highly likely that you have 2 different (unaffiliated) tickets.

    Even if it was one ticket, you should always check-in at the second flight if there is more than one airline involved.

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  • 1 month ago

    Don't know for sure as I haven't flown in a few years but I'd start with BOTH the airlines. They can't answer for each other but they can give you an answer for their own portion of the journey.

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