Herniated disc question?

herniated disc question?

Apparently I just found out I herniated discs in my cervical thoracic and lumber sacrum I have herniated disc in all four sections. Is this rare?!!

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I have herniated disc in all four sections these are my symptoms I know I’m done for life I’m 23 and already depressed what age will I become paralyzed?



Can’t stand for long

Can’t twist bend or lift

Spasms in hand neck legs stomach 

spasm in Private area

Pain and abdominal on sides of stomach


Burning pain



Stiff neck

Pain in cervical, thoracic, & lumbar 

I didn’t have pain in my abdominal before and august 

Can’t sleep too uncomfortable

Link to medical reports link for my medical records 


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  • 1 month ago

    Your results are not dire yet, but its a problem in the making.  It looks like you are just now at the point of having the problem assessed.  The worst finding is the disc desiccation which indicates some type of spinal degeneration problem.

    The next step is discussing the treatment options. 

    Spinal degeneration can usually be slowed or halted with a combination of treatments. You are young enough that with proper treatment and physical therapy, much of the disc damage may be able to heal.  You may need to have certain vertebrae fused to arrest progression.  Getting to the point where you can exercise and build muscle to relieve some stress on the spine would probably be a good treatment objective. 

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