Is my girlfriend pregnant ?

I been with my girlfriend for 2 months we haven't had sex yet but she's been acting really strange. She's been really tired she's been sleeping in a lot more she crashed for almost every kind of food right now she wants a sub from Subway shes been wanting that either that or a phily steak something with meat in it. Shes also been very emotional here lately been having really bad nightmares for no reason. She's on the 5 year IUD so she hasn't had a period since we been together. She just got over the flu I don't know if that will have something to do with it or not. Is she pregnant ? What's wrong with her ?

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  • 1 month ago
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    She could be going through a tough time or just getting over being sick.

    Also people with IUDs can still get the period symptoms around the time they'd usually get their period without actually getting their period.

    Honestly I think you should just talk to her and ask her if there's anything wrong. Communication is good. Mention that you've noticed she seems different lately.

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  • 1 month ago

    You can have missed periods with an IUD, but I've never heard of no periods, tho I get it's only been 2 months. She could be pregnant, tho with an IUD it's very unlikely. Why don't you ask her. You might also ask her if she really has an IUD.

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