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Do I have anxiety?

I used to have these episodes where I'd just start spazzing out, feeling like I couldn't breathe, and feel like I just absolutely needed some kind of emergency medical attention. At first, I thought that these episodes correlated to me drinking soda, since it seemed to happen each time I did, so I quit caffeine cold turkey.

Ever since, I've been dealing with these new episodes where I'll wake up feeling completely fine before I start feeling bad fatigue accompanied by this foggy head kind of feeling (Like my thinking is a little numb) and these aches and a tense feeling in my neck, jaw, and head. I even feel my heart beat in my chest sometimes and feel this horrendous sense of urgency, like I need to finish what I'm doing as fast as possible for no reason at all. I also always become extremely self-conscious about my breathing and about it being a heart issue or some other severe medical health problem.

It'd be comforting to know if it is anxiety or not, and if so, any methods I could use to try to deal with it? It's been driving me up the wall lately and help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Sounds like anxiety.

    Sodas have caffeine which can make you anxious however the sugar can also cause a sugar crash (ie blood sugar dropping) which can also make you anxious too. 

    Symptoms of anxiety include things like rapid heart rate, feeling like you can't breathe, muscle tension, loss of fine motor skills etc

    Depression is often associated with anxiety and can lead to a "foggy head" sort of feeling. So can caffeine withdrawals and low blood sugar. 

    You can go to a doctor and rule out things like heart issues or whatever but if you don't have an objective reason to believe you have those types of issues than it is more than likely anxiety. 

    There's plenty of stuff online to tell you how to deal with anxiety. 

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    only a doctor can tell you that so i would go see one

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