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Moving states for my senior year?

I may be moving states for my senior year. I’m not thrilled about it. I really don’t want to leave the school district I’ve been in my whole life for one year at another high school. I don’t have any friends here which is fine with me but I just worry about what it would be like at another school. I want to make sure I don’t get stuck in bad classes and that everything transfers alright. I’ve done cheer, XC, and track all my years at my current school and I would like to continue doing them but idk what would be best if I move. Any advice would be great. I just don’t know what to consider when thinking about my options. 

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    I moved to a different province's school system for my final year of high school so I guess I can try and help a little bit.

    Honestly my grades did suffer a little bit because the school curriculum was more difficult for me. That was partially my fault though. I was used to not having to push my self and try,so I didn't try as much as I should have. 

    The move was honestly so good for me though, the school was better than my previous one. They treated us like adults and there was a much better school environment. People were kinder. So the social aspect was a lot better. So fingers crossed your future school is like that.

    One thing that you'll have to make sure of is that you have everything you need to graduate but hopefully the school would help you with that. The school system I moved to had slightly different requirements for graduating and they also had a different system for counting credits and stuff. It wasn't too difficult though, I just had to complete one class that didn't exist in my old school system.

    Also as soon as you know when you're movingly you should phone and see when you can get signed up for the next years classes so that you don't miss out. I did have miss out on one class I wanted because it was full. They did offer for me to do it through correspondence (which could be an option for you) but I felt it would have been too difficult for me to do that particular class at home.

    Also you could check their website to see which extracurriculars and classes they have ahead of time. 

    Hope I helped a little, good luck!

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    ask your parents if you can stay with someone so you could still go to the same school

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