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What are some of the geopolitical changes that Cleopatra and Antony tried to make and how this compares to the earlier diplomacy in Rome?

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    I'm not really sure what this question is asking. Antony was at (civil)war with Octavianus(later Emperor Augustus). Geopolitically he used Alexandreia, Egypt, where his wife and ally Cleopatra ruled, as his base of operations. He essentially formed his own eastern Roman empire during the war. But almost certainly if he had defeated Octavianus he would have kept Rome as the capital of the reunited empire and Alexandreia a secondary. 

    I suppose that like in earlier Roman diplomacy Antony and Cleopatra relied on "client kings" alliances rather than purely subjected forces. Amyntas of Galatia; Archelaus of Cappadocia; Philopator and Tarcondimotus of Cilicia; Iamblichus and Alexander of Emesa, Syria; and Lycomedes of Comana where all kings/princes on imperial Rome's eastern peripheries who fought for Antony against Octavianus. 

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