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Electrical power is proportional to which of the following? Current, Energy, Voltage or All of the above? ?

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    problem is that you have 4 variables, current, voltage, resistance, and time. Power is proportional to some of these but only if others are fixed, ie, do not change. 

    assuming a fixed load (R)

    P = energy/time, so yes, if time is fixed

    P = E²/R so no

    P = I²R so no

    but if R is not fixed, 

    P = EI, so if current is fixed, P is proportional to voltage

    P = EI, so if voltage is fixed, P is proportional to current

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  • 1 month ago

    All of the above (for a resistive load) assuming other factors remain unchanged

    However, increasing current also increases voltage and vice versa. So simply increasing say current will increase power proportional to current squared. I.e. not proportional to current.

    So, looking at it another way, Energy is the answer to the question (assuming the measurement time stays constant)

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  • 1 month ago

    P = IE


    • amania_r
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      that assumes the voltage remains the same. But increasing the current increases the voltage.

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