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What did Montgomery do?

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    The Stars have been pretty tight-lipped on this one.

    If you told me that less than a month after Babcock got sacked that you'd have 3 NHL other head coaches get sacked (and 2 of them over conduct issues) and that Don Cherry would have gotten fired, I'd have thought you were about 20 cans shy of a two-four.

    Can't say I blame Dallas. They host the Winter Classic and if something was about to go off, better to cut your losses now and hit the reset button before you run out of time.

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  • 1 month ago

    The Stars are being tight lipped on it, only disclosing its as him being fired over a "material act of unprofessionalism", they aren't disclosing anything more than that.

    Reading between the lines here, it seems as if he was caught texting or emailing someone and the contents of it were inappropriate by nature. I say this because material thing is an object, so that would mean a computer/laptop/phone type thing, it wasn't related to anything "in-person".

    If I had to guess he was caught sexting one of the Dallas stars wives/girlfriends, and ownership got wind of it, and quickly fired him on the spot. I highly doubt it has anything to do with physical violence, racism etc.

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