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How to treat a serious/near fatal bullet wound?

I am writing a scene about a young couple on the run from the law.  In one scene, the guy gets shot in the side by a stray bullet at long range and the girlfriend has to treat him once they get to a safe area.  Naturally, the situation would prevent them from going to a hospital and the boyfriend's personality is as such to where he would refuse either way.  Although the bullet doesn't pierce any of his major organs, it gets lodged in between two of his ribs, in such a way that attempting to remove it could cause greater problems.  

At the end, they both decide it is best to do nothing to remove the bullet, as doing so is risky, and keeping it there might potentially prevent him from bleeding to death.  However I was wondering what lifelong issues this could create, (breathing, respiratory problems, possible lead poisoning) and what the girl could do to further treat or assist him in the meantime.  I hope someone with experience in nursing/medicine has some ideas.

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    he needs to go to the hospital, whether they let him or not

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