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Is there an age at which no matter how well you know tech, you just aren't getting hired if not employed already?


For example, you are retired but decide you don't want to be retired anymore, so you teach yourself Java, maybe even taking formal classes in it. You go on LinkedIn and your headline says that you're looking for your first Java programming job. Your resume shows you graduated high school 45 years ago. Any chance?  

Update 2:

If so, what age? (assuming you can get up, dress yourself, and not fall asleep at your cubical.) 

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    It really just depends on the job market. Companies that don't have huge budgets often hire the left overs who couldn't get on with the better paying companies. This is usually where those with no experience get hired to gain the experience at the cost of lesser pay. If companies expand too fast, they run out of potential employees to hire so they have to be less choosy in who they hire. Often employers will hire those with exceptional personalities over those with exceptional skills because it is more important that the individual is a good fit for the team in terms of getting along than their skill level that can increase during their employment.

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  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    it probably depends on the place since theyre all different

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