how to react to someone online who doesn't acknowledge what i told them about myself?

like sometimes online, in passing, i have declared to people that the fact is i'm a native british male, a roman catholic, happen to have some pagan relatives and are in my early forties...because i like declaring facts about myself where i see it as relevant.

then at times, i've had people respond to my comments online and talk about Catholicism, british folk, paganism and not mention what i told them about myself in relation to those subjects? if trying to make out and convey that i'm nothing to do with those subjects, as if implying or suggesting i'm not who i say iam?

it is true that i shouldn't feel annoyed about that because i know the truth about myself, but there's times i couldn't help but feeling a little frustrated and annoyed by those respondents that they seemed to deliberately not acknowledge the facts i told them about myself? as if implying that i'm not who i claim to be?

i'm quite sensitive over things like that, because i like to be believed and acknowledged when i tell truths about myself, i know others who feel the same as me and are sensitive too.

how should you react to these particular people online?

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    Your annoyance may be misplaced and, if necessary, could be more effective for other purposes. The failure to acknowledge what you've disclosed may not be intentional, but it could reflect a different sense of values or priorities by the other person or it may also be sloppy reading or lack of comprehension. There may be other reasons, as well. Regardless, when this occurs, the problem is with the person who does not respond to your disclosure(s), not you. Given that, you might feel sorry for that individual, but it is a waste of your energy to let this annoy you.

    • a really helpful constructive answer, i understood, thanks.

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