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Having 2 stelliums ? ?

I have 3 planets for each 

1 house stellium in Scorpio 

2nd house stellium in Sagittarius

How would this affect a persons personality overall? 

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  • Janet
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    1 month ago

    I'm not sure what you are indicating .. a stellium by Sign (3 or more planets in one Sign) or a stellium by House (3 or more planets in one House).

    It sounds like you are talking about stelliums by House.

    Houses are not parts of our personality .. the represent areas of life.

    Planets are our inner self, with each planet representing a different facet of our personality, and representing different inner needs (which drive our behaviors, as we attempt to meet those needs).

    Whatever House a planet is in, that is the area of life to which they turn, in order to try to meet that need (planet). A planet's House placement doesn't affect their personality so much as it indicates what area of life is important to them.

    And the more planets you have in a particular House, the more that person operates within that area of life (in order to try to meet those particular inner needs).

    The First House is very self-centered, concerned with expressing who they are as opposed to working with others. The Second House is whatever they "own", and this is mostly their values .. but it may also reflect how they handle their possessions including money. Values are more significant for the Second House because what we value creates a strong sense of who we are inside. What we own should not ... at least, not nearly as much as our inner values.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    One make you superior to the vast majority of people. Two or more, gives you great power. Or not.

    Most have only triangles of various kinds in their chart. 

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