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How do I get rid of my red-faced complexion?

Since I turned 25 my face gets these weird red bumps and I just turned 25 too. 

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  • mokrie
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    1 month ago
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    Sounds like Roseatia. (forgive bad spelling.) I had it until I found out when I cut back on salt it went away. Super salty foods can bring it on. Maybe other foods can cause it too depending on what your sensitive to. When I cut way down on salty stuff it went away in a day or two. Never got it back.

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  • 1 month ago

    I am in a rosacea Facebook support group and they all say Horse Paste works

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  • Speed
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    1 month ago

    Another suggestion that you look into whether it could be rosacea. (That's how it's spelled, good to know when looking stuff up.)

    Salt's got jack to do with it, in my doctor's opinion. It's highly treatable and the first option is usually a gel applied to the skin. It reduces redness and clears breakouts.

    But it takes a prescription. I think the stuff's called Metro-Gel. It's a mild antibiotic that kills the bacteria responsible for the breakouts, which leads to less irritation and redness.

    It's a fairly common condition you can further diagnose by whether your face flushes when you drink alcohol, exercise, get too hot, eat spicy food, or expose your face to cold. If you say yes to all those, that's probably what it is.

    Online friends discussing this some years back (I copied the discussion) said some OTC products helped them. I can't vouch for any, but if getting to the doctor is a big deal, worth a try.

    Biore's Blemish Fighting Cleansing Cloths

    "Counter-intuitively, moisturizers help a lot. Neutrogena's 'Moisture' in the sensitive skin formula made a big difference for me"

    Cetaphil soap or face wash

    "Drink more water, so your pee has almost no color. Big improvement!"

    "Makeup helps hide it, but use mineral-based powdered foundation, not the liquids."

    "Eat clean and organic." (I remember this person--it was her answer to everything.)

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Lay off the booze 

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