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What to do?

My roommates are moving out before the lease is up January 31st, and I’m unsure of whether or not they will be paying their portion of rent. I don’t think they will because they were terrible roommates, and we almost got evicted because of an incident caused by them. One of the utilities is also in their name, so how do I go about switching it? I emailed my property manager to see what to do, but probably won’t hear a response until tomorrow. I will be staying here and renewing the lease at the apartment. Thanks. 

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    They are legally required to pay their portion of the rent through the end of the lease. They fail to do so & you must pay the landlord the full rent and then sue the roommates that broke the lease.

    You have to call the utility company about that account. 

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    the prop manager is not your mommy, you need to work this out between yourselves.

    ASK the roommate if they will be leaving the utility in their name.  since you will be staying, no reason you can't switch it sooner...then you just call the utility and arrange it

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    Call the utility and have it switched to your name.  Tell them the roommate is moving out, should be no problem.  

    About the house, if they don't pay the rent then you'd better pay it yourself.  Could you get a roommate immediately to help with it, since they are gone.  If you don't pay it (even if you did pay your portion) then you can kiss goodbye any chance to stay on after the lease is up.  You can also kiss your credit good-bye.  Their credit will be hit as well but so will yours.  See what the property manager says but I suspect it'll be something along the lines of "pay the rent, all of it, or you'll be evicted".

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