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Dirac Poetry: He molests reindeer. Set to the classic Twas the Night Before Christmas?

Twas the night before Christmas

And through Dirac's house

All the creatures were stirring

Because of that louse

The animals were wary

They all had good cause

Their owner, perv Dirac

Broke all kinds of laws

Dirac pictured them nestled

All snug in their hay

He crept to the barn

In his sinister way

When out in his field

Their rose such a clatter

The perv pointed his head

To see what's the matter

Away to the barn door

Dirac ran like a flash

Through his yard full of litter

And all kinds of trash

The moon was shining down

Spotlighting that perv

The night was about

To throw him a curve

How blurry were Dirac's eyes

Because of his beer?

He could not even spot

All the reindeer

Then confronting Dirac

The deer--they were quick!

A lesson was coming

To this feeble dumb prick!

Each deer took his turn

Waiting in line

To teach a big lesson

To the deviant swine

The deer, they stepped up

On Dirac, they'd trounce

Each one was named

For his color sock accounts

On Rusty, on Silver!

On Red and on Grey!

On Crimson and Brownie!

Make deviance pay!


The deer swung their hooves

And beat Dirac's face

On the snow dropped a perv

It was just like some mace

Their hooves beat Dirac's face

In the snow, he was rolled

It was bound to occur

He always gets trolled

Now this story is shorter

Than the original version

That's because it's easy

To spot Dirac's perversion

The deer--they stopped Dirac

He was beaten and trolled

What would you expect?

He's Pure Comedy Gold!

Update 2:

Dirac's ploy failed

He's transparent as glass

Because you just can't win

With your thumb up your asss

And I heard the deer say

As they went out of sight

It's easy to trigger Dirac

He just ain't too bright

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    Dirac gets paid to post here and is the biggest lying piece of sh_t.

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    shrek is obesity

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