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Why did Panasonic stop selling tvs in the USA ?

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    They were all in when it came to plasma TVs, however with the advancement in LEDs and more 4K LEDs hitting the market they couldn’t compete anymore. So they pulled back, and tried to compete with their LEDs which when you compared their higher end LED to the higher end Samsung... wasn’t the same. So they tried to do Best Buy exclusive models in the hopes they could sell more. That also didn’t work. So they pulled back, and turned their plasma department into OLED.

    I would kill for a Panasonic OLED, and would buy it in a heartbeat if they started selling it in America. They are slowly making their way back to America, but with their 4K Blu Ray Players.

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  • 2 months ago

    Because we moved to another home

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  • Jerry
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    2 months ago

    Check out the reasons given by Lifewire

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