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Playoff seeding glitch?

Ok, I run 2 leagues that have never used playoff re-seeding. In both leagues, we have 6 playoff berths and a 1st round bye. Both #6 seeds beat the #3 seed. Normally this means they face the #1 seed and the winner of 4/5 faces #2. But it's doing the opposite right now. Has anyone noticed something like this? Also, home page is still Week 14, which makes me wonder if it's a glitch.

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    They've NEVER used re-seeding?  Well, if they've never used re-seeding, then the number 6 is supposed to play #2.

    The "normal" bracket is 1 v 4/5 and 2 v 3/6, like March Madness.  Since you are expecting 1v4 and 2v3.

    It's only in re-seeding playoffs, like the NFL  that would have the #1 play the lowest seeded team remaining.

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    • Messykatt
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      Thanks!  Someone else asked about it this morning, so I'm not imagining stuff, but there's not much we can do about it now. 

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