Duties outside of job descriptions?

I currently work for a home health care company as a clinician. During my interview, I wasn’t told I would be expected to drive to other locations an hour+ away from my office to help out there. I am. I was told I’d be doing an on call rotation one week a month but the delivery driver would be taking the bulk of on call due to it being his full time job. We’re supposed to be switching between him, myself, and our boss. My boss isn’t taking any on call weeks and the driver isn’t taking the bulk so that means I’m on call half the month. I don’t have a problem with it but I feel like I’ve been lied to in order to manipulate me into accepting the job. Another problem is that I was told one thing and what’s happening is another. I reached out to HR and they provided me a copy of my job description that I signed prior to my employment. Nowhere does it state I’m expected to do an on call rotation or be available to other locations. It also has me listed as a paid per service (PPS) employee and not my current full time status. PPS is getting paid x for 1 setup, not the hourly benefitted rate I’m at. Most of my job is office work including paperwork, insurance verification, doctor office requests/orders, data entry, and normal office work like answering emails or calls. The only thing included in my job description is what I do as a respiratory clinician, not driving to other locations or any office work. There’s no “additional duties as required” or any other caveat like that either.

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  • 1 month ago

    I know how you feel. 

    But it does happen to many people. 

    You do have a choice, and to be blunt, it is stay or go. Since you seem to be okay with it, then you should stay. Make sure though that you have a signed (by your employer) copy of the agreement that states you are a full-time, salaried employee before you make waves with this. 

    You can (and should) speak with your boss and mention that the job description that you agreed to does not correspond to the work that you are given. Make sure that you let them know that this is okay with you. 

    I should point out that for any medical professional, office work is part of the job. 

    Good luck to you.

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  • Judy
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    1 month ago

    “additional duties as required” is part of any job description, even if not specifically stated.  That's why saying "that's not in my job description" is a good way to get fired, or at least to be the first on the list to go when there are layoffs.  But that said, it sounds more like most of your time is spent on other things than working as a respiratory clinician, which is not right or reasonable, even though SOME paperwork, which you dismiss as 'office work', would be expected as part of the job.  Are you a licensed respiratory therapist?

    • Sarah1 month agoReport

      Yes, I’m registered, which is higher than certified, and licensed in my state.

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