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Ugliest in and out signs ?

Sagittarius male

Sagittarius female

Leo with Sagittarius moon

Virgo with Sagittarius moon 

Scorpio with Sagittarius moon

Libra with Sagittarius moon. 

And all their retarded followers. 


Top trolls on and offline. 

Update 2:

And you 're the RACIST ONES!!!!!!!

Update 3:

I hope you get what you deserve. 

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  • Snoopy
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    1 month ago

    Just don't respond to them and block their emails. If they had you fired then there's no point in keeping in touch. You can say look you had me fired and your emails are causing me fear and alarm as a result. If you already did this then change location. Perhaps they are hiding some kind of malpractice or other issue as you weren't at work and they are looking for someone to blame. You can't control people's actions against you. 

    My suggestion is stay away from toxic people particularly racist who are very dangerous. In fact where I am from those incidents are dealt with by the police. 

    Also where I'm from these people hardly get managerial positions so it's surprising this "boy" got one. He sounds like a complete thug. Move on to greener pastures. Hopefully someone will deal with it but I have the feeling it's a very dodgy situation and I'd change location. In my view it is unsafe. From what I've learnt through exp. 

    Hope this helps! 

    Alternatively try to speak with the boss but it seems you already have done it otherwise you wouldn't have been fired. 

    I don't think the UK has jobs. I know very skilled people who applied and they refused it as they had a bad feeling and they said the bad ones had a job but with them they were particularly picky. 

    They eventually moved abroad and got a job elsewhere. Some places promise a lot but don't deliver. This company obviously didn't deliver. 

    This boy will drag this company's rep underground and by firing all the employees the company will remain without them. Hiring this boy must have been a costly mistake. Who knows what he is up to. 

    It's better you get fired so at least you are not part of the mess as I have a very bad feeling about this boy. He doesn't seem very right in his head.

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