Opinion on what is going on with her and if she likes me or not. She blocked me then unblocked me then blocked me again.?

I first saw her at a hospital. She was working there with some other girls about 5 and her and her friends all started staring at me and flirting. I picked and chose her.

We started talking really liked each other went out and it was great. It all went downhill when her parents told her that I am to old for her and she told me it was over. We stopped talking but 2 hours later she messages me saying she will try to to do something about it she didn't want it to end. Next day we saw each other and hugged and held hands and had a great time and she told me she will talk to her father again. She talked to her father and nothing changed and she said it can't work between us and it ended again. A couple of days go by and she makes a fake instagram account as a girl seducing me into sex and I like an idiot fell for it and then she got mad at me and told me you just want that and got even more angry at me she forgave me and started talking again and once again we stopped due to her being mad at me for following other girls on instagram. Now I chased after her and sent her a request on instagram and told her how i felt and how much I need her and like her and she told me there is nothing left between us and told me to stop talking or I will block you and I told her I can't stop and she blocked me and a couple days later she unblocked me. I messaged her again telling her that she still loves me and can't deny it and she just blocks me again.

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  • 1 month ago

    She's still a child. Her Dad is right. Find another playground. And knock off the "love" bs because that's one of the reasons she shouldn't date you.

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    • history
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      1 month agoReport

      If that were true, her Daddy wouldn't be running her love life. Birthdays do not an adult make. I get that they do, legally, but not mentally or emotionally.  

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  • nanu
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    1 month ago

    move on...................................

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