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What's a Decent Golf Ball?

I'm trying to find an "OK" present for a brother In-Law.  Just something that doesn't embarrass me.  He's a golfer, and ***** has a sale on personalized golf balls.  They are all Titleist, which I know is a good company, but which Titleist should I buy and does it matter?

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    Depends on how much you want to spend. The ProV1/ProV1X are normally around US$45-50 a dozen although TGW and Golf Galaxy have them for $40 right now, and are used by a majority of professionals on the PGA/LPGA/European/Champions Tours. The AVX is about the same but designed for a slower swing speed. The Tour Soft run around $35 per dozen. They don't have as much spin as the ProV1/ProV1X which comes into play on iron shots around the green along with pitch/chip/sand shots.

    Personally I play the ProV1X but I used to play the Tour soft. I'm a single-digit handicapper and converted to the ProV1X after a ball fitting a couple years ago.

    So if you don't mind spending $40 the ProV1/ProV1X or the AVX are a fantastic gift. For less, the Tour Soft is an outstanding ball as well.

    Personally I'd do the ProV1. Not that much more, and I can assure you he'll love it.

    Don't waste your time/money on the Trufeel, Velocity or TruSoft models.


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    It is useless to buy golf balls for gift since golfers usually lose their balls when playing golf.    

    Buy something useful like golf training aids such as a putting mat with hole at the end or a golf net.   The recipient will use for years and it can improve their golf skills by practicing at home. 

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