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Physics question. Defy gravity?

How much work does a male figure skater do when lifting a 50-kg female skating partner's body vertical distance of 1 m in a pairs competition

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    Mass (m) = 50kg 

    Distance (d) = 1m 

    Acceleration due to gravity (g) = 9.81m/sec² 

    Work done (w) = ? 

    We know that:- 

    Work done (w) = force (F) x distance (d) = mg x d = 50kg x 9.81m/sec² x 1m= 490.5J ≈ 491J

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    Not very much.  Most of the lift is performed by the legs of the FEMALE skater.  The male provides a small part of the energy but is able to lock the arms in place to provide a STATIC FORCE to maintain the lift.

    And example of a physics teacher not understanding the physics involved.

    Jimmy.  After a lifetime of physics I am sick and tired of third rate teachers.  Who invite poor students.  You can consider me judgmental.  But teachers SHOULD understand their physics if they consider themselves qualified to teach it.  Have YOU lifted a female skater or ballet dancer?  Has your teacher?  If not then you and they are not qualified to make the claims.  And the thumbs down only show how ignorant people are.  When you have an opportunity to learn you turn it down.  Not good.

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      notice how you have 3 thumbs down? youre wrong lol

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  • 2 months ago

    Pairs skaters use strong magic. Science is not needed when magic is used. It is so effortless because of magic. We as scientists will never understand magic and magicians will never understand science. I am a scientist I am not a wizard. A wizard could better explain this, something to to with both being in a temporal synchronicity and how the timeline works with introspection and extrospection. Like I said I am a scientist not a philosopher or wizard or mage.

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      people like you shouldnt be on yahoo. gtfo

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  • 2 months ago

    work done = force x distance

    wd= mg x h

    wd = 50 x 9.81 x 1 (J)

    wd = 490 J

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