Question about moral values?

There is a debate that two friends have and I kinda want to know what is the statistics to see who is right and who is wrong.

Friend 1 was invited to a party and he invited friend 2 and friend 1 paid for everything. After the party was done, friend 1 told friend 2, I used the fact that people assumed we are together to put a barrier so they don’t approach to me. Friend 2 felt incredible insulted for being used. 

Friend 1 can’t understand what exactly is insulting friend 2 since both enjoyed the party to the max and friend 1 treated friend 2 as a brother. 

Friend 1 starting to suspected friend 2 is now trying to manipulate him saying it was insulting but friend 2 still don’t see any harm on what he said. 

Would like to hear what you have to say

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  • 1 month ago
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    It's not at all uncommon for friends to use each other as barriers. Very common is more likely. I think this is a nonsense argument. But, maybe, friend 2 isn't very accommodating and was using friend 1 to get into the party hoping to achieve something else while they were there. Or friend two thought it was a romantic date and is insulted to learn differently.

    Much about nothing is what it sounds like to me. Unless Friend 2 wanted it to be a romance. That could account for hurt feelings. Where do "moral values" come into play here? Friend 1 isn't required to be romantic just because he picked up the tab.

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  • A.J.
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    1 month ago

    This is written very confusing. I figured it out.

    Friend 1 is a strange person. He/she wanted to go to a party as an observer instead of a participant. Friend 2 has an absolute right to be insulted because of a hidden motive by Friend 1, that should have been stated at the invitation.Friend 1 is dishonest. The ends do not justify the means.The harm is in trust and personal integrity, even if neither is smart enough to explain it. These are among the most important moral measures of a person. This is not about surveys. It is about understanding morality.  I hope you understand.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I do not see a question about moral values.

    I see two people who have a different interpretation of events and therefore have different emotional responses.   Your question is asking us to take sides on which person's feelings are correct.    There is no such thing.   Each is entitled to their own feelings. 

    Friend 1 sounds pretty immature and socially awkward.   Friend 1 needs to learn when it's their responsibility to open their mouth and also when to keep it shut.  Friend 2 sounds inarticulate and insecure.   Friend 2 needs to stop being so sensitive. 

    Again, I see no moral dilemma or values-oriented question here.  I see two young people both of whom are a bit butt-hurt, one more so than the other.

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  • 1 month ago

    Why doesn't friend 1 just tell friend 2 in the beginning that he/she is bringing him/her to put up a barrier so they don't get talked to before they even went?

    But for that, I'd have to say that friend 1 is wrong because they should have let them know before-hand.

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