my windows desktop does not fit the whole screen when I use HDMI, but does when |I use VGA?

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  • 1 month ago

    You give no clues about what "screen" your Windows desktop tries to fill.  I have to guess since you mention HDMI and VGA connectors, it is some type of desktop monitor, not a screen on a laptop or all-in-one.  It might be an actual monitor or an HDTV.

    But what is unknown, what computer and what video card or chip with HDMI and VGA outs, what monitor or HDTV and its native resolution that will fill the screen with your desktop image.  It seems you have a video system driver that does not cooperate when sending a digital image by HDMI cable, but will work in analog mode with VGA cable.

    No guessing for you from far away with those unknowns.  Next time give details.

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    • fenix1 month agoReport

      The system  uses a GA-G31M-ES2L and requires a graphics card which is the ATI 4600.I upgraded to Win 10 I have been having this issue. The monitor itself is a 27 inch. same graphics card, when I connect using the VGA connection it does fit the whole screen but not 1080p. Resolution max is 1600.

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