What nail designs?

I'm thinking about getting my nails done but i don't know what type of nails and what color of nails any suggestions? Plz send a link and picture as well so I can show the nail tech


I might get a pedicure too so color suggestions for that as well

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  • Kaz
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    2 months ago
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    I like UV Gel French manicure.  A regular French pedicure in the summer time when wearing sandals or flip flops looks nice too.  

    During the winter I usually get a neon pink pedicure to make me happy - when I occasionally see my toes - since I have to wear shoes/boots and socks - brrr.....

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    • Emmy2 months agoReport

      The link I sent was should my boyfriend get his nails done and after a week if more people say yes then I win the bet and he has to go get his nails done.

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