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Should I cover up my best friends initial? ?

I have a tiny tattoo on my wrist, it’s the first letter of my former best friend. We got it when we were in Seattle on a trip for the **** of it. She got my T and i got an F for her. Best friends for over 6 years. We lived together and then she moved out due to financial reasons. We just kind of drifted apart. she got a boyfriend, stopped coming around. started a new job and now we just don’t talk at all anymore. I too have a boyfriend and started a new job and met new people but not once did I let that stop me from hanging out with my best friends. We even all tried hanging out the other day but it was just so awkward I came home early and fast. It hurts me so much that i tried and tried to keep in touch and i was just pushed to the side. My phone is filled with pictures of us on trips and us doing stupid **** while we lived together. Everyone feels the same way about her just ditching us. I get we out grow people but someone I was so close with and knows all my secrets and everything i’ve been through, that **** hits differently.  I hate having this tattoo on me and i don’t know if it’s because i’m hurt or what. The arm it’s on is supposed to be the “meaningful” arm. Meaning any tattoo I get on it means something to me or at some point did. What would you do? would you have it covered up or just deal with it? I’m thinking maybe i’m letting my emotions get the best of me. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Well that'll teach ya... Hopefully, you won't do that again.  The only name or initial you should ever get tattooed is of your child - because they'll be your kid forever.  Friends come and go, some will be friends forever - still don't need their initial on your body.  If it really bothers you - every time you look at it - then have something done to it.

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  • Burgoo
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    1 month ago

    dont do that, just get a u done behind it

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