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What are the characteristics of a man with his sun in leo (29°56) rising in virgo (12°48) moon in capricorn (18,46) mercury in leo (14°46)?

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  • Janet
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    1 month ago

    Very little can be said since there is so much information lacking. You’ve given us 3 out of 10 planets, one out of 12 houses, none of the House positions and the MOST important factors are the aspects, and you haven’t given those at all.

    But we can tell some ..

    A Virgo Ascendant at 12:48, is trine Moon at 18:46 Capricorn. So his “social mask” (Ascendant) fits in well with his emotional reactions in life (Moon).

    But that is the only aspect we can deduce from the information given, and there are usually 12 to 24 aspects in a birthchart.

    And before we even start to consider the Sign anything is in, FIRST we look at the aspects. A well-aspected Moon in Capricorn has stable, serious, practical and realistic emotional reactions … although they may be a bit shy (which fits in fine with their Virgo “social mask”), or may doubt their self-worth … at least until they are older and have learned their value as a person.

    But a badly-aspected Moon in Capricorn has serious self-esteem problems (which can still be outgrown, but are harder to outgrow), and until/unless they outgrow them, their inner fear will make them self-centered because it demands so much of their attention. They may also be materialistic in an attempt to show off their success (instead of learning internal self-esteem).

    We NEVER consider the Sign a planet is in until we see it in the context of the entire birthchart, and especially the aspects between the planets. Even then, astrology does not control us. It is only an influence on how we start out in life, and how we will likely be UNLESS we change, learn, grow.

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  • 1 month ago

    A propensity for lying, rigid and selfish, unyielding to the needs of others, full of laziness and excuses, quick to anger, brutal, disloyal, quick to talk about others behind their backs or, worse, stab them in the back for personal gain, psychopathic and smiling

    • Nicasyo1 month agoReport

      Are there any positive traits?

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