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How do I form my own political party?

The "Conservatives" are pro-immigration and socially liberal (supporting homosexual "marriage" etc etc). The BNP and such are full of hooligans and Tommy Robinson supports black and Indian immigration. I would ban homosexual "marriage" and introduce Russian-style anti-homosexual propaganda laws. I would ban all but the most talented immigrants (people like Elon Musk) from developing countries and offer cash incentives for those already here to leave. I would train more British people and invest in artificial intelligence. Women would be offered financial incentives to leave work and have children. I would also reintroduce National Service and the death penalty.

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    Easy, you just need a billionaire backer. With your prehistoric views, try Saudi Arabia.

    Pity even they are trying to modernise.

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    If you can’t work out for yourself how to form a political party, you’ve no chance of being capable of carrying out a single one of your idiot policies. Just sit back and do what the people on the TV tell you to do.

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    1 month ago

    Well by devoting decades to posting trolling shite here you have blown your chance. 

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