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What kind of dog do I have?

Cant upload pic because I have multiple pathetic haters on this site and she is a very unique looking dog. When we first found her she looked like a baby malnourished greyhound. Now she looks like a fat white ball/seal body on short legs with ears like yoda or a gremlins. The ears have brown fur on them. The body has no shape to it. She has been compared to stuffed sausages. She has a very large and lumpy butt. She has grown multiple large warts and skin tags on her body. She has long whiskers and whiskers on her chin and neck. Regular tail. But overall very strange and seal like.

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    No one can even guess without a pic.

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    Sounds like any one of a number of obese small mixed breed dogs. Allowing your dog to become obese is cruel and will dramatically reduce her health and lifespan. 

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