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Should I be concerned?

For as long as I can remember I've never felt a connection with anyone. That goes for family as well. I don't have any empathy for other's. Seeing people go through pain whether it's just emotional pain or physical pain makes me happy. I've been in love before but there was never a connection. I have zero friends. Im 22yr old female. and never had a relationship of any kind with any male. Showing others affection and people giving me affection makes me uncomfortable. Once in a while I hear the voice of a guy named Andy in my head telling me to do really bad things. He comes goes away and comes back from time to time.

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    You have symptoms of a psychiatric disorder that is robbing you of friendship and meaningful relationships, and maybe causing you to consider doing things that will get you in trouble.  You might have a much happier life if you saw a psychiatrist.  Maybe some treatment and some counseling could make you get a lot more out of life. 

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