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I'm a bit obsessed with a guy I dated?

I don't think I'm well at the moment.

I only dated a guy a couple months but things were intense.

People say I was just a rebound to him and we just stopped talking without a proper end to it so there's no closure.

It's been over two years and it's not got better but at the moment it's really bad.

I think I'm upset I feel used and it doesn't help we have a mutual friend who drops hints he still likes me.

Im a good person but I just get used.

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  • Eventually you'll move on.

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  • 1 month ago

    The truth about closure is - we don't require it. I might be a good idea for you to get out there and date other people. Just because you'd go out with someone once or twice, it doesn't mean you're "in a relationship". It's just a date or two.

    Be selective and play the field. And don't take any crap!

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