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Whatsapp contact's last seen is public,but I can't see it.I still see their about & DP. Is it a whatsapp bug or am I blocked?

One of my contact's last seen is public but I can't see it. Also when the contact is Online, it doesn't show them online in my Whatsapp. Initially I thought I am blocked But I still see their "profile picture" and "about". I checked by blocking myself with another account, and once I am blocked, I do not see last seen and profile picture of the person who blocked me. (irrespective if i previously viewed their profile picture an they haven't changed it, it simply turns picture-less).

for the relevant contact, I deleted the number from contacts, added again with a different name, the profile picture loads and is still visible.So my question is if I am really blocked by the person or it is a whatsapp bug because profile picture is still visible?

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