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What does it mean that I'm too warm for an Aquarius ?

My mom and one of my godsisters say I'm too warm/loving for an Aquarius but my chart is all Aquarius. 

I am told other Aquarius are not but as it happens those who are said not to be have only the sun in Aquarius. To me they are still friendly.

Thus I am confused. 


The moon is in virgo but Venus is in Aquarius. Mars is dominant in my chart and that's a Scorpio however I don't really relate with Scorpios that much. They are way more emotional/intense than I am. I'm quite laid back compared. 

Update 2:

But Jupiter Venus sun and mercury are all in Aquarius. The people who are said to be cold have mars or Venus in Pisces and to me they are still not that cold. I mean compared to me but compared to other people they are fine really too?

Update 3:

Anyway, only Taurus sun Libra moon and Cancer sun Gemini moon women think that of me. Everyone else hates me.

Update 4:

@chainlightning reported as TOS violation. Both your accounts too. 

Update 5:

My Venus is in Aquarius not in another warm sign.

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  • Chiaro
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    I think a lot of Aquariuses are just beaten into not being warm. When their ideas get them rejected enough, they can start shielding themselves with a distance from others.

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  • Janet
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    1 month ago

    You chart CANNOT be "all Aquarius". You have ALL 12 zodiac signs in your birthchart, and unless you have ALL 10 planets in Aquarius, you cannot call yourself "all Aquarius".

    In 1962, for 2.5 days, 6 of the 10 planets were in Aquarius (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter & Saturn) but that is very very unusual. And even then, those people born were not "all Aquarius".

    Yes, many people with Sun in Aquarius are warm and loving. They may have their Moon (emotional reactions) or Venus (relating style) or their Ascendant (social "mask") in a warm and loving Sign. Sun only indicates how we try to feel good about ourselves .. the behaviors we seek as a way to try to feel inner self-fulfillment and inner wholeness.

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  • 1 month ago

    You do realize that there is no fact to horoscopes.

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