Low Graduation Marks but High GATE Rank. Any Luck for Masters in Engineering?

I got about 48% in Graduation, due to family circumstances, definitely not lazy or drunk. Got a first in my first year, second in my second year, and third in my third year, I know how ironic. 

Anyway, I'm attempting GATE, and I am very confident about it. Assume if I score in the top 10 ranks, will I be able to obtain a Masters in Engineering in India or Canada or Germany or UK?I also have a few relevant amateur projects that I've worked on to complement my application.


first = first class, second = second class, third = third class, in terms of grading

Update 2:

I completed my studies in UK

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Your grades are so appallingly bad you fail to meet minimum requirements to apply for admission anywhere as a foreign student. Do not waste any time or money applying. Only India allows students with such appallingly bad grades to "graduate." By other countries' standards, you do not hold any valid bachelor's degree.

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