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Does he still like his ex? 10 points ?

My boyfriend and I have dated for a total of 4 years. We met the first day in college and started dating. My senior year of college he moved to Florida and I moved to NYC. We both distanced from one another and broke up for 6 months. He met a girl in late August and they got serious until November 9. They cut things off around then. During the time they cut things off, he kept saying her and I were so similar and that he had a thing for her for 4 years of college. He told me he didn’t like her and was just trying to fill a void and get over me. He said they didn’t have the same chemistry physically. He told me to come visit him November 11th and we had the greatest time together. The following 2 weeks I came again the weekend of thanksgiving. I asked him if I could use his phone which I shouldn’t have and saw pictures of them saved in his camera roll, on Snapchat, and a text message of them on November 9 2 days before I visited. He told me they ended on bad terms however; the text was very light hearted and she asked if he could come visit her (another long distance thing). He was saying he wanted to see her again for coffee if he was ever in her state and called her “mah girl”. All of this really hurt me and I’m still upset. He is with me now and wants to be with me, but not sure if he is even over her. The entire time they “dated” he was still texting me and I’m concerned he is doing the same with her. I don’t know if I should keep quiet or voice my opinion 

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    Be a self respecting woman and tell him he needs to sort his crap out. Seriously, think really hard, do you really want a man that plays this stupid little game? There are many many many decent men out there that won't do some childish rubbish like this.

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