Previous smoker ?

 I spoke for 16 years,  in my middle 20s to my early 40s. After my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer I stop smoking from one day to the next prior to that I smoked about a pack of cigarettes a day. Now I haven’t smoked in over 12 years. I don’t cough I have no breathing problems I’m healthy I’m a decent weight I never get sick and I very fine.

 That being said, I eat certain foods for the first 10 years to detox my lungs I did breathing techniques and exercises to detox my lungs and I also did forcible cops every other day as well to detox my lungs and allow new cilia to be formed in my lungs .  Now that being said how many of you think that my lungs have completely cleared and do you think it’s still possible that I could ever get any type of lung cancer what do you think I’m in the clear like I said I’m completely healthy I feel like my lungs are fine and I don’t cough at all anyone? 


That should have said I smoked not spoke. - oops 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Apparently after 10 to 15 year your lung cancer risk is the same as a non smoker .I knew 2 people that never smoked and died before 60 from lung cancer the body isn't scared to die its the mind that is aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

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  • 1 month ago

    I spoke a lot too

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