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How do i unmatt hair that is matted from dandruff and tangles?

I have severe depression and a really bad scalp, and not showering or brushing my hair for a month(can't brush hair dry cause its really curly and long). It got like this but worse in the beginning of the year, it took 13 hours and my mother. I need to do it on my own because she wont do it again and put the effort into it like last time. I am 18 and know i need better hygiene. I am thinking about just buzzing it all off and restarting and slowly get into a routine again as my hair grows back, but i am on the heavier side and dont think it would look good and l i have beautiful hair and would hate to see it go. It is all matted around my scalp and about an inch thick but thw rest of my hair is free.

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  • Laura
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    2 months ago

    Start untangling your hair with a wide tooth comb.  Section your hair and work on one section at a time.  Using the comb start at the ends of your hair and detangle. 

    With the ends untangled you should be able to start working away at the mats near the scalp. 

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