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Have you as a muslim ever thought muslims have an unrealistic idea of muslim unity ? How can we be united when Imaan doesn't require that ?

Our life is between ourselves and Allah and his Rasul , our parents , our kids , etc and some muslims who will help us in our deen but they will eventually leave our lives., It's not needed or practical for us to seek unity to better our imaan, In order for us to be successful it's not unity , it's increasing of worship and obey Allah and his Rasul in everything we do

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    muslem religion practice social-belonging, because they are not searching for truth. limiting their beliefs to rejection from the state/social community if any other  truth is practiced, is the same as "anti"-freedom-of-religion, or religious fascism.

    if we do a search of african nations, who have those enlightened "muslem" views, then we find that sexual-violence is practiced throughout, and that the real "human rights" of people can not gain any ground because of the prevalence of muslem religious beliefs. the "shame" is on them.

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    The Prophet said, "None is true Muslim until what you want for yourself is what you want for others" and he said, "The ummah is like the human body, when one feels pain everything/everyone feels pain" and he said, "If someone helps someone in this Dunya from their hardship, Allah will save him in the hereafter"

    How can you even say Unity of the Ummah is not important?? Unity doesn't generally mean come together constantly, but when you do it's for the good/better.

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      That makes more sense

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