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Does the " Third World Countries " as in some African , European , some Asian countries more trust China as trade partner than U. S .?

and is the western countries flawed and screwed in the next 20 years as China build up ecomony with the belt and road system or will it self implode partly

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    The main  problem  with the  Chinese  way of  "giving "  aid is that it  actually  means  very large  loans  that the  Chinese  expect  to be paid  back.The  Chinese  develop  projects  in the  Aid  recipient  country  which  is  totally  a Chinese  project, it employs  very few  locals,  as they  import their Chinese   labour  force, and  build  projects that  are  useless!!!!!!! Highways  to  nowhere, Airports out in the middle of  nowhere that  remain  completely idle, housing projects that none of the locals can afford  to buy into  which  again just remain  idle and unused.

    The belt  and road  system  will fail  due to lack of  economic  viability.I think that  the  system in  china  will eventually implode, the  Govt is  just  way  too  corrupt  to continue in the long term.


    • Carlos1 month agoReport

      I hope in a way it does

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  • 2 months ago

    No European countries are considered third world. Yes, China is expanding its influence, especially in Africa. BUT they are having economic problems of their own. The US has withstood challenges from other countries in the past- in the 80s we thought Japan was going to overcome us, and the USSR was a major threat in world domination. We've maintained our status through strong international connections and the relatively benign ways we've helped other countries. Trump is destroying that- but we can pull it back with the right leadership. 

    • Carlos2 months agoReport

      a better leadership and media would be a bit of help 

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