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“Initial name” ideas?

I’m making a character and I want them to have a name such as A.J. Or C.J., names that are basically initials. If you can come up with a ton of ideas that would be helpful, preferably ones that don’t end with a ‘J’. (The character is a male btw)

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    JR (John Rodrick)

    JT (Justin Thomas)

    JD (Jasper Dean)

    JP (James Patrick)

    JC (Jessie Cade)

    OZ (Owen Zachary)

    PT (Phineas Taylor)

    VT (Victor Titus)

    AT (lAdam Trent)

    DT (David Thomas)

    TK (Travis Kyle)

    PK (Phillip Ken)

    DK (Daniel Kayden)

    TD (Theodore Dominic) 

    MD (like Maximilian David)

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  • Moya
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    Alex James  Aj

    Bradley  Jackson   BJ

    Cooper Jace   CJ

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