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Mental health problems ?

Hi. I am 20 years old and I suffer from bipolar which I just recently got diagnosed with. I started displaying manic episodes as soon as I turned 19. I have had no motivation to help myself or take my meds. My sister who has suffered from anorexia for years now has gotten my parents complete support. She has a psychologist she sees daily and even a dietician.  I overdosed bc I could not take the pain I was feeling anymore and had no idea how to just stop feeling so angry and impulsive. After this incident happened I called my mom who and told her what had happened bc I was tired of being in pain and I wanted help desperately. I had tried going to colleg free Counseling but my counselor was horrible... after my parents had discovered I had attempted to harm myself they actually started trying to help me and took me to a psychologist and then once I got on medication they stopped caring once again putting all their effort into my sister who is doing extremely well now. The medication is not helping and I am continuing to feel immense mental pain. I have constant mood swings and my parents ignore all of it. I’m not sure if I seem like a terrible person for feeling jealous of my sister but I am. While I am paying for my college my parents are paying for my sisters college and paying for all her stuff. I have a job and attend school while she got to take a gap year for her mental health and is not working at all. Please help idk what to do anymore.

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    At 19, you are a grown adult woman and you need to focus on taking care of yourself and not what is happening with your sister.

    If your medication is not working, you need to call your doctor about this and get an appointment as soon as possible.  You could need a medication adjustment or even a different medication.

    Remember that you CANNOT go off your medication or skip doses.  The medications has to build up in your body to have a therapeutic effect on the chemical imbalance in your brain that causes your Bipolar symptoms.

    Are you tempted to go off the medication so that you can have another manic or depressive break and be hospitalized so that you might get the attention your sister gets?  I advise against it.  You need to take this illness seriously and take far better care of yourself.

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    1 month ago

    Rapid mood swings, anger, impulsivity and parasuicide is not bipolar that's borderline personality disorder, which would fit with you having such cold parents. BPD moods last hours or a few days at most while bipolar moods last weeks or months and inital misdiagnoses are common. Anorexia with or without BPD can also be a reaction to bad parenting. Please don't feel jealous of your parents giving your sister more attention and instead try and find a therpist that specialises in DBT as that's the only effective treatment for DBT. 

    Maybe it's time to go to the ER and get admitted to the psych ward for a few days to get yourself stabilised. Your condition isn't going to suddenly go away so maybe you also need to take a year out of college to focus on your health. Try and reach out to your sister and support each other as she's going through something very similar but ultimately until you break free from your parents you're both going to struggle to recover.

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